How state marijuana laws have changed in the US, in 1 GIF


Mic put together an interesting GIF map that shows how state marijuana laws — and public opinion on weed — have shifted over the past four decades.

Baby Boomers led the age groups for backing pot legalization in the 1970s. But support dropped in the 1980s, which Mic attributes to the crack epidemic of the 1980s and early 1990s.

Support started to rise again in the mid-1990s, and a majority of millennials supported its legalization by 2010.

It shows the first states to decriminalize some cases of marijuana possession back in the 1970s. There are currently 20 states that have passed laws decriminalizing pot in one way or another.

Maine decriminalized possession of less than an ounce in the 1970s, and the legislature in 1999 passed a law OKing medical use which has been amended several times since.

The legislature this year rejected a pair of bills that would have legalized recreational use. But legalization advocates are collecting signatures to put the issue before voters in 2016.

For another look at the current state of marijuana laws, check out this interactive map from the website Governing. (Click on that link to play around with the map.)

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